The African Marketing Confederation

Windrose Chifarimba

Founder and CEO of Chiefbrands

Topic: The art of wealth creation through creative thinking

Windrose Chifarimba is a Marketplace Evangelist, Business Incubation Instructor, Founder and CEO of Chiefbrands, writer, educator on transformation through creative thinking and an increasingly sought after speaker on entrepreneurship. For over a decade, has built a wealth of experience in teaching and inspiring churches, institutions of learning, public and private sector firms, civic society as well as government officials to rise to unleash their potential and enhance their effectiveness.

Windrose Chifarimba advocates that genuine transformation begins with human capacity building and spurs transformation of the individuals, families, communities and nations because transformation is selfless phenomenon which starts within an individual before manifesting in the outer spaces. He is a change catalyst who continues to inspire many to build transgenerational wealth.